System Contamination


Have a pump or component failure?  Contamination of fluids in a machine?

We can help by cleaning your entire hydraulic system without taking it all apart, saving you thousands.  

Preventative Maintenance


We have the ability to help prevent catastrophic failures before they happen! 

One Micron filtration will greatly increase component life and reduce operating costs. 

DPF & EGR Cleaning


Don't spend thousands on DPFs or EGRs

We offer $400 cleaning services on DPF with 24 hour turnaround times.

Unlike burning we can remove 98% of DPF blockage!

Ensure Fuel Quality


Clean, water free fuel saves you money!  Injectors and fuel pumps cost thousands of dollars, we can save you from the costs and downtime of fuel related failures! 

Remote Solutions

Clean at your fuel supply or on individual units.  We can help with both!

We can clean all your fuel at your central fuel supply or we can clean fuel on each individual tractor or truck.   

Onboard Filtration

We can instal bypass filtration on engine, hydraulic, and transmission fluids.

We can also install bypass filtration down to one micron on engine, hydraulic, and transmission oils as well. 

Oil testings is done at the 4/6/14 micron levels at most testing facilities.

The Simple Truth About Filtration

Keeping It Simple

There is a tremendous amount of information about filters and filtration out there in today's marketplace.  You may hear people talking about Micron levels and Beta ratios of filters, for example.  Or Nominal vs Absolute ratings.  For many end users it can become so daunting that they just give up and hope for the best.

We operate under the motto that 'simple is better'.  In the case of filtration that means one basic, simple fact...NOTHING RUNS BETTER DIRTY. 

That's especially true of all oil lubricants, so the cleaner the oil stays the longer the life of the components and equipment. 

When you see a catastrophic breakdown in oil lubricated components & equipment you often find larger chunks of metal or plastic inside.  "Glitter" is the visual sign that your filtration hasn't done it's job.  But these large visible parts don't just appear out of thin air...or oil as it were.  No, they're created over time. 

It's the little stuff, that makes the bigger stuff, that makes the problem, that causes the failure! 

That's why getting the little stuff out before it builds up is so important. 

Think about it this way.  A ball bearing in perfectly clean oil should run almost infinitely.  Start adding small particles of contamination and soon one of those balls becomes jammed up.   We've now turned that ball into a cutting blade that creates larger and larger pieces of contamination.  

It's the little stuff, that makes the bigger stuff, that makes the problem, that causes the failure! 

So priority number one is get the small stuff! 

Learn More

Equipment Plus offers both rental and sale of filtration carts and fuel cleaning systems.  Contact us today for more information. 

Oil Filtration

Metal Filter


The first pass before entering the filter cart is a magnetic filter.  This is a picture of the metal filings removed from the tank. 

Paper Element


A one micron paper element also collects water and particulate down to 1 micron.

Filter Cleanout


Click the button below to see a video on the paper element.

Centrifugal Filters


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Filter Cleanout Video

A look at the filter after cleaning out contaminated oil.