About Us

Industry Experience


At Equipment Plus, we have a lifetime of diesel experience, diesel is in our blood.  Having utilized heavy equipment in our own business, we know the challenges our customers face first hand. 

Finding Solutions


At Equipment Plus we don't believe in selling products.  We believe in finding solutions for our customers.  It's what drives us and what drives our success.  

Success Through Service


At Equipment Plus, we never forget that OUR success is built on YOUR success.  Our goal is to be a business built on helping others.  Let us show you how we can help your business with its heavy equipment needs today. 

Chad Meyer

Managing Partner

Growing up on a farm in Northern Iowa I learned a lot about hard work and heavy equipment.  But most importantly my parents instilled in us the importance of honesty and integrity.  

My parents weren't rich, but they taught us that it was better to eat a bad deal than give one. 

'You can work your way out of a bad financial decision easier than working your way out of a bad reputation.' 

I've told customers many times that the best deal isn't my deal.

Because you cannot have CREDIBILITY without HONESTY and INTEGRITY.   

I've built a successful career and business on that credibility. 

Our customers are Equipment Plus' greatest assets, not just for the business they provide, but for the referrals they give us.  Nothing is more rewarding than when a customer sends us a friend, relative, or one of their peers for help.  

So feel free to call today and tell us what you need.

If we find you the best deal, then buy it.  

If our deal isn't the best one, we'll try harder next time and thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. 

Thank you for stopping by Equipment Plus, I sincerely look forward to earning your business. 


Chad H Meyer

Managing Partner